The Best of all Worlds


13th June 22:15 Anteo Palazzo del Cinema

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Best Acting Performance Female

Best Production Design




103 min


Adrian, seven years old, is a boy full of imagination who wants to become an adventurer. He lives with her mother Helga and her partner Gunter on the outskirts of the city of Salzburg, a place that is anything but idyllic. Adrian does not realize that his mother, Gunter and their friends, who spend almost all day in the house, with sheets in the windows that do not let the light in, or organizing extreme parties on the river Salzach, are drug addicts, too presence. But Helga always manages to keep a balance between love for her son and addiction, managing to give him a happy childhood, simply the best in the world


Verena Altenberger, Jeremy Miliker, Lukas Miko, Michael Pink, Patricia Aulitzky; Michael Fuith, Fritz Egger, Sophie Resch, Gerhard Greiner,Luisa Marie Stoiber, Gabriel Marian Skowerski, Barbara Macheiner, Reinhold Moritz, Philipp Stix, Roman Blumenschein, Wolf-Dieter Nitsch.


Producer: Nils Dunker, Wolfgang Ritzberger, Elisabeth Ritzberger
Director: Adrian Goiginger
Screenwriter: Adrian Goiginger
Cinematographer: Yoshi Hemrath, Paul Sprintz
Editor: Ingrid Koller
Music: Dominik Wallner\Manuel Schonegger
Production designer: Veronika Merlin


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