To Let


6th June 22:15 Anteo Palazzo del Cinema

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Best Cinematography




99 min


To Let is based on real-life incidents. Is the story of a couple with a child. It takes place in 2007 in the Indian city of Chennai, which is experiencing a real estate boom as a result of an exponential development of the IT industry. The child likes to draw, the mother likes plants and flowers. The father tries to enter the world of cinema. The owner of their accommodation is a bit too greedy and for a higher rent, he puts them at the door. They only have thirty days to find new homes with their modest income from the middle class. On their mopeds they start a race against time and every kind of injury.


Santhosh Sreeram, Dhahran, Suseela.


Producer: Prema Chezhiyan
Director: Chezhiyan Ra
Screenwriter: Chezhiyan Ra
Cinematigrapher: Chezhiyan Ra
Editor: A. Sreekar Prasad
Production designer: Chezhiyan Ra


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