Francesco, a forty-year-old engineer, after a mysterious misfortune, retires to live in a village on Lake Iseo. With his still young daughter, he occupies the ancient family villa, a magnificent liberty-style building lapped by the waters. In the big house there is also another mysterious person, of whom only the echo of the respirator that keeps her alive is perceived. But further presences no less disturbing, and much more dangerous, move around the dwelling. What happened to the man and his family? What secrets does it hide? Will Marta, a childhood friend who has always been in love with him, know how to awaken Francis from the torpor in which he has fallen and free him from suffering? And, above all, how many people will gravitate around the house to escape the danger that hangs over their lives? The answers are within the walls of the villa, silent guardian of the truth.


Alessio Boni, Pino Calabrese, Lidiya Liberman, Milena Vukotic, Eva Grimaldi, Lino Capolicchio, Eleonora Trevisani, Valentina Cenni.


Production: L’AGE D’OR
Director: Alfredo Fiorillo
Screenwriter: Alfredo Fiorillo
Cinematographer: Massimo Foletti
Editor: Emanuele Bosco, Andrea Santoro con la supervisione di Walter Fasano
Costumes: Sabrina Beretta
Music: Teho Teardo
Production designer: Mauro Radaelli


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