Mercedes Moran

WINNER: Best Supporting Performance Female

MOVIE: Maracaibo


Mercedes Morán is a film, theater and television actress. She was born in Córdoba (Argentina) in 1955. Before becoming an actress, Mercedes wanted to study sociology but when the military dictatorship arrived the course was left without effect. She decided to take classes in a drama workshop where she finally discovered her vocation. During the first years of her career she developed mainly as a theater and television actress. At the beginning of the year 2000, her film career was strengthened as she was called to take part in films which were lately recognized worldwide as: "La Cienaga" by Lucrecia Martel, "Diarios de motocicleta" by Walter Salles, and "Luna de Avellaneda" by Juan José Campanella. Mercedes’ last and most outsatnding works in films are: "Neruda" by Pablo Larrín, "Betibú" by Miguel Cohan, and "Maracaibo" by Miguel Angel Rocca.


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