The following are the 2016 Short Film nominees chosen by the committee from which members of Leonardo Da Vinci Film Society (LDVFS) votes to determine the winners in each specific discipline.

Click here to download the press realease with all the Da Vinci's Award Nominations 2016.


Best Film: this category is decided among the winners of each category and chosen solely by the audience votes during the festival screenings of the category-winning films (previously voted by LDVFS), and it's shared by all Short categories.

Shorts up to 15 min

Adam EtheridgeBruceRan JingFish StewDania BdeirIn WhiteMo LiangLilyTaimi ArvidsonMake them Believe

Shorts 15-30 min

Hyun Chang ShinAriaAshley Tabatabai, Stefan FairlambFalsified Jade Hærem AksnesPushing Night AwayKristof DeákSingNobuyuki MiyakeSiren

Italian Shorts

Arianna Del GrossoCandie BoySalvatore AlloccaLa GambaGiovanni Battista OrigoLa Notte del ProfessoreMarco CalviseNon temereCarlo SironiValparaiso