Somewhere in Tonga


23rd May 20:15 Anteo Palazzo del Cinema

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Best Directing

Best Acting Performance Male

Best Supporting Performance Male




98 min


There is nothing that keeps passionate social worker Wolski in Germany. On an uninhabited island in the Kingdom of Tonga he wants to give criminal teenagers a second chance. His first candidate is Marcel, 16, and no stranger to drugs, violence and crime. So a visit to the main island ends in disaster. Wolski only narrowly manages to keep the boy from being send to prison. The deal: From now on, Marcel is not allowed to leave the remote island at all. Based on a true story and shot mainly with novice actors, it is Tonga's first narrative feature film.


Sascha Alexander Geršak, Luis Pintsch, Mira Partecke, Wolfgang Zechmayer, Fuahea Semi, Lolohea Lin, Tevita Fukofuka, Abbas Piu.


Screenplay: Sarah Schill
Producer: Volker Heise, Thomas Kufus
Director: Florian Schewe
Casting: Britt Beyer
Director of Photography: Yannick Bonica
Editor: Till Ufer
Sound: Manja Ebert
Sound design: Dominik Avenwedde
Score: Daniel Dickmeis
Wardrobe: Suni Hoffmann


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Best Directing

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