Broken Voices






A couple in crisis is in a cinema. The woman identifies herself with the pain of the protagonist. A game of mirrors and reflections is triggered, in which characters felt as “real”, according to the film fiction, are soon confused with those born out of an artist’s mind and so on. The movie thus becomes an enigmatic matrioska in which, led by a french voice over and mostly in black and white, the boundaries between reality and fantasy, imagineer and immagine, are lost. We are therefore led to reflect upon the magical power of art and the role of the artist, which is so powerless that can only show his pain, this way making people feel less lonely.


Keyla Alterachs, Montse Barriga, Ariadna Brull, Leo Durán, Eduard Fontana, Carmen Pérez, Luz Portero, Albert Pueyo, Cristina Zafra


Producer: Jinsoo Kim, Roykyong Chun, Chulmin Yun, Equan Choe
Director: Equan Choe
Screenwriter: Equan Choe, Son Taegyum, Brad Fraser(original play)
Cinematographer: Kyeongyeob Choo
Editor: Seongik Wang
Composer: Sun Kim
Production designer: Hannah Lee


Best Movie

Best Acting Performance Male

Best Cinematography