Sea of Time




109 min


Second cinematographic work for Theu Boermans, “Sea of Time” portraits a love story over time. The excitement of a life outside the box, then the separation after a terrible accident. Can an unbearable pain be shared or will it drift people apart? An extraordinary film where a couple meets again 35 years later, older but still capable of love and maybe still capable of giving themselves a second chance. Based on a true story that moves the audience deep inside and leads to reflect upon life, that is nothing but a sliding door.


Sallie Harmsen, Reinout Scholten Van Aschat, Elsie de Braw, Gijs Scholten Van Aschat.


Producer: Maarten Swart; Peter Bouckaert
Director: Theu Boermans
Screenwriter: Marieke van der Pol
Cinematographer: Myrthe Mosterman
Editor: Herman P. Koerts, Job ter Burg


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