Se ti abbraccio non aver paura


MOVIE: Se ti abbraccio non aver paura


Andrea is affected by a severe autism. When he turns 18, his father, Franco, decides to take him to cross USA in a motorbike. Their adventure inspires firstly Fulvio Ervas’ book “Don’t Be Afraid If I Hug You”, hence the awarded Gabriele Salvatores’ movie “Tutto il mio folle amore” (2019). During the production of the movie, Andrea and Franco decide to “reenact” in a personal way Salvatores’ cult movie’s road trip, “Marrakech Express”, and ride the motorbike again to cross all Europe down to Morocco and the Sahara Desert. This documentary is not only about autism, a topic which people are sadly still not so familiar with, but it is an hymn to happiness, which has to be searched for even when it seems to have been denied by destiny. That’s Franco’s everyday struggle for his son: every day must be a better day.


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