The New Abolitionists


MOVIE: The New Abolitionists


Christina Zorich follows 4 NGO’s (non-governamental organization) in South East Asia, that are struggling to end sex-trafficking and save as many children, girl and women as possible, who are considered good deal for business since “You can sell drugs once. You can sell weapons once. But a girl, you can sell 10 to 20 times a day”. The movie is not only a mere denunciation, but mostly an investigation that digs deep into the wounds of societies that are still traumatized by recent historical tragedies or poverty. Not only does it show the effects, but it also presents the causes that lies down sex trafficking , as well as its possible antidotes. That’s what the missionaries protagonists of this movie fight for every day: for saving, rehabilitating victims and preventing the increasing of their number. The movie therefore ends with hope, the one to awaken cosciences all over the world, because “every single person have a role to play”, and everyone can do something about it.


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