Pedro Brito Da Fonseca, Paul Moreira

WINNER: Best Documentary

MOVIE: Foreign Volunteers in the Hell of Raqqa


Pedro Brito da Fonseca
Pedro Brito da Fonseca is a french cameraman and director. He has covered all the conflicts in the middle east and is also specialized in investigative programs. He works for Cash Investigation, Frace major investigative program.

Paul Moreira
Paul Moreira is a french documentary film maker. He started his carreer in the mid 90’s at CAPA, a french TV agency. Then he was hired by Canal Plus. He was heading two investigative shows in Canal Plus from 1999 to 2006: “90 Minutes” and “Lundi Investigation”. In 2006 he created an independent film company: “Premières Lignes”, and has been ever since directing and producing documentaries for France, Europe and the world market.


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