Rob Dorfmann, Cindy Dorfmann

NOMINATED: Best Documentary

MOVIE: Making an Exoneree


Rob Dorfmann
Rob is an award -winning Executive Producer, Director, Showrunner and writer who has worked for most of the major networks in the USA. He has extensive experience with law enforcement and the true crime genre, and has interviewed two of the world’s most notorious serial killers: Charles Manson and Gary Ridgeway. He also covered the war in Afghanistan for MSNBC months after 9/11 and was nominated for an Emmy on “Sports Science” for ESPN. Rob is responsible for making the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) a household name and was also the executive producer on the highly rated “Human Wrecking Balls” for G4 and “Invention USA” for the History Channel. In the past 7 years, Rob and his wife Cindy, formed Strong Island Films and have been leaders in the True Crime Genre. Together they brought “My Uncle is the Green River Killer” to LMN, “The Real Story with Maria Elena Salinas” to Discovery ID, “Live free or Die” to Nat Geo, the hit podcast UP AND VANISHED to the Oxygen network.

Cindy Dorfmann
In addition to creating SIF with her husband Rob, Cindy is an Emmy award-winning television producer/director/writer. She was involved in the development of several motion pictures including Minority Report and Belle-Ami before switching to documentary. She has produced over 200 hours of television for all major networks, from CBS to the National Geographic channel. She was a broadcast journalist for France 24 and France O in Paris and moved to London where she continued to produce and direct a variety of documentaries. “Rough Seas” featuring Paul Watson and the plight of the Blue Fin Tuna, the award-winning documentary feature “One Girl” and “Women on War” featuring the women reporters first on the ground in Libya during the fall of Gaddafi. Cindy has also published articles in USA Today about the effects of terrorism in the current political climate. Cindy is a member of the Television Academy, BAFTA, Women in Film UK and served on the board for the Producers Guild of America for the Capitol region.


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