Independent cinema, each and every year, yields some of the most exciting and highly anticipated films in the world. MIFF Awards selects Features, Documentaries and Shorts Films nominated by Cultural Non-profit Association Leonardo Da Vinci Film Society. The Nominees are selected among hundreds by the Programming Committee, are seen by LDVFS members, who vote all the categories. After the announcement of the Winner Nominees, each Winner category's film is screened to the public audience and voted in the theater, who resolves the top Best Film category among the winner films of each category.

Originality, creative expression and cinematic language are considered in their acknowledgement as art films in their respective languages and styles.

(2021) Feature Fiction Films - International
Wide selection of styles and genres representing the vision, creativity and trends of new cinema. Open to filmmakers from all over the world.

(2021) Feature Documentary - Films International
Films on various themes designed to share knowledge on a certain topic or specific event through cinematic dynamics and language. Always charged with a deep far-sighted message, they skilfully present the world’s  cultures on the screen.

(2021) Short Films

An eclectic array of films divided in three categories: 
1) with a maximum length of 15 minutes max. - International
2) with a length embraced between 15 minutes up to 30 minutes max. - International
3) only Italian productions with a length of 30 minutes max.

Brief in duration, but far-reaching in their implications, Short films often bypass the aesthetic and commercial constraints imposed on feature-length films. Open to filmmakers from all over the world, Short category can offer us a new point of view and introduce to the audience the new generation of talented filmmakers.


Visit the following link to know each section's specific award category at the festival.