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Album 2021


MIFF Awards 2021 - Film and Nominee Pictures (images for the press - HiRes)


MIFF Awards 2021 - Film and Nominee Pictures (images for the web - LowRes)



Album 2020




MIFF Awards 2020 - Nominees' Movie Poster


MIFF Awards 2020 - Films and Nominees Images



Album 2019


MIFF Awards 2019 WINNERS


MIFF Awards 2019 - Documentary Films & Nominees


MIFF Awards 2019 - Short Films & Nominees


MIFF Awards 2019 - Feature Films & Nominees

Album 2018


Inaugurazione Nazionale con Vittorio Storaro 


Duo Carriera Bertolucci-Storaro


Somewhere in Tonga


My Tourette's


Roll With Me






To Let


The Best of All Worlds


Skid Row Marathon


Winner Feature Posters


Short Films Winner Images
Album 2017


The Gateaway Bug


Tutto Quello Che Vuoi


Silk Road




The Good Catholic


The Constitution




Strad Style


Father and Son


Waiting For Charlotte De Cordey Project


Winner Short Films MIFF Awards 2017


Movie Posters MIFF Awards 2017

Feature Film Nominees MIFF Awards 2017 - LOW RES 


Documentary Film Nominees MIFF Awards 2017 


Short Film Nominees MIFF Awards 2017 - LOW RES 



Album 2016


Respiro, The Challenge and Il nostro ultimo / July 27, 2016 premiere

Us and Mothers and Daughters / July 20, 2016 premiere 

Camping With Ada and Accused / July 13, 2016 premiere

Hello! I'm a Producer of Woddy Allen and Despite the Falling Snow / July 6, 2016 premiere

L'ultima Orazione e Consumed / June 29, 2016 premiere

Press Conference / June 16, 2016 premiere

Poster and 2016 MIFF Awards Image

Movie Images for Web, Low Resolution

Movie Images

The Nominees

Immages Higher Resolution (film, cast, etc.)

WInner Films Posters


Album 2015

Updates still in progress...


Conferenza Stampa, 11 maggio 2015, Palazzo Reale

Sezione Cinema, Documentari 2015


Album 2014