Cinema events, with films from around the world , use subtitles and interpreters to bridge the language barrier between guests and the audience to ensure the success of the event . As you can imagine , in countries where English is not spoken , the department Translators / Interpreters , plays an even more crucial .

For those who are studying or working in this field , the work of translation and interpreter , will correspond only work experience , which will add to your resume an ingredient of prestige and high value professional .

Taking part in the activities in this department , you can:
• nurture your passion for cinema , translating a preview of the plots of the films and learn more about the protagonists of the films in competition ( filmmakers , producers and cast) ;
• see your work published on our media ( website , newsletter , catalog) , and the materials disclosed to the press and media ;
• speak foreign languages ​​you know and improve yourself by participating in the screenings and events of the festival ;
• watch movies candidates to Leonardo's Horse ;
• Have a certificate of participation for specific translators / interpreters ;
• Help your city to maintain a professional and prestigious festivals ;
• to gain work experience in the field that you are interested in knowing other translators or interpreters like you ... and , last but not least , make new and interesting friends.

DUTIES Volunteers will depending on their expertise :
a) Translations ( synopsis , biographies of the directors and nominees and dialogues of the film) and editing subtitles. The work will take place almost entirely by mail. You demand the highest availability and online presence ;
b ) Interpreting in the room during the discussion and at the events related to the festival. It is requested to participate in the second shifts, according to the availability provided by the candidate .

Often if the translators also have experience of interpreting, he is given one or more films from the same film treat for both the translations for interpretation in the room.
NOTE: For both roles it is vital that they are respected the availability calendar for the presence in the room and the time of delivery of the material to be translated so as not to jeopardize the work of the entire department and throughout the organization .

The MIFF Awards will take place in Milan almost ininterrrottamente from late March to May. The work of the staff in this department will begin immediately with the translation of the film to be projected in March and April for the " voting members of Leonardo's Horse " ( Made in Milan International Film Society ) and will continue until the conclusion of the festival for the translation of texts on our communication tools. The participation of volunteers will be even one month according to your availability. During the period of availability the availability daily e- mail address is very important .


We require the following skills and requirements:
1 Using the PC ( the most common word processing, internet browsing, e-mail) ;
2 Competence in / tongue / and why you wish to attend ;
3 Perfect mastery of the Italian language both written and spoken ;
4 Want to learn, perseverance, attention to the instructions and on-time for the deadlines given.

To apply to the selection and do the "Application Volunteer translators / interpreters in 2019 " send a curriculum to max 1 page with the subject : VOLUNTARY TRANSLATIONS 2019.

More information and a test translation , may be due in addition to the information required by the application.