(fluent English and italian required)

Our organization offers everyone the chance to work as a volunteer staff in various operational areas : hospitality, personal theater, production and events, sales, carers filmmakers, translators and interpreters, press office ...

At the request will be issued to all staff a certificate of participation, and, in accordance with the working hours you will attend the screening and meet international filmmakers of the films in competition .

The festival can not offer hospitality, nor any type of refund, if not for the direct production of pocket expenses , during the festival.

The commitment

The activities are planned by a volunteer staff of a minimum of a few days , until the annual commitments , with a commitment to be considered part and full-time , and times to be determined together with the candidates in relation to the period and to the tasks assigned . Our organization will strive to make the experience of working , albeit economically unpaid , an important period of personal and professional growth , but also a time to socialize with each other.


To participate in the selection of volunteers contact us and send a resume to staff@miffawards.it


senior staff

All are welcome at MIFF and if they had known people of a certain age , who do not know how to use e-mail but who have time to spare and would like to collaborate helping us in our mission , please do call us at 02 92871578 and leave the name and a phone number where to be traced.