PLEASE NOTE: the calendar here below is referring to the 2020 edition.


The following are the 2020 Winners in each specific disciplines voted by LDVFS members to determine the Best Film category voted exclusively by the audience among the film of the Winners.


Best Film - "Alive"

Best Documentary - "Foreign Volunteers in the Hell of Raqqa"

Best Directing -  Jake Scott for "American Woman"
Best Screenwriting - Mauro Mauad for "I Don't Want To Be WIthout You"
Best Cinematography - Edwán Lopez for "I Don't Want To Be WIthout You"
Best Acting Performance Male - Wolfram Rupperti for "Alive"
Best Acting Performance Female - Sienna Miller for "American Woman"
Best Editing (fiction and documentary) - Neil Devetti for "Don't Be Afraid If I Hug You"
Best Muisc/Sound Design (fiction and documentary) - Carlos Leiria for "Foreign Volunteers in the Hell of Raqqa"

Special Mention Documentary Film - "Six Letters"
Special Mention Short Film 15-30 min - "Fabiu"


Best International Short Film (max 15 min) - Lulu
Best International Short Film (15 to max 30 min) -  Planet Earth Calling Ana
Best Italian Short Film (max 30 min) - Bautismo



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