Under The Skin - A Journey To Savagery




72 min


Confined in detention camps, the hostages are chained to one another, sometimes 70 of them crammed in a room. To be released they have to pay an exorbitant ransom of $30.000, an amount often impossible to raise. Every day, several times a day, they are tortured, electrocuted, burned. They are raped or forced to rape one another, facing immediate execution/death if they don't comply. While being tortured, they are coerced into calling their relatives, (and) through tears and shouts they beg for the ransom. This ghastly situation can last for months. One has to pay or die. It is estimated that more than 12.000 hostages have perished in the Sinai desert. For two years, we have worked to meet the survivors, who have never spoken until now, for fear of being imprisoned. Robel, Halefom, Filmon and Germay have survived Sinai’s torture and agony. They are the lucky ones. They have dared to speak out about the savage journey they've been through.


Director: Cécile Allegra
Co-Director, Cinematographer, Editor: Delphine Deloget


Best Movie

Best Documentary