Foreign Volunteers in the Hell of Raqqa


Dec 16, 21.00 x 4 giorni (4 days)

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59 mmin


In July 2017, volounteers from al lover the world came to Syria to fight against Daesh and support the Kurdish Revolution. The two directors follow a small group of these young volounteers, firstly in Raqqa, where we see them fight, planning, discussing, eating, laughing, bonding, being attacked and hurt, and then in the very difficult adjusting back to normal lives, once they return home. The greatness of this documentary lies in its ability to come close each one of these boys’ emotivity, despite its impenetrability: it shows their motivations, their sacrifices and the camaraderie as the only one and fundamental support in every moment.


Producer: Luc Hermann
Director: Pedro Brito Da Fonseca, Paul Moreira
Screenwriter: Pedro Brito Da Fonseca, Paul Moreira
Editor: Bruno Joucla
Composer: Carlos Leiria


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